Ring Ring APK Free Download the Latest Version for Android

Ring Ring APK is a handy battery indicator app for Android devices that provides an easy glance at your current battery level. With its colorful ring interface, you can quickly check how much juice you have left before needing to recharge.

This free download app has quickly become a popular choice for monitoring battery life thanks to its user-friendly design and high customizability.

Some of the key features that make Ring Ring APK stand out include:

  • Colored ring overlay that shrinks as battery discharges
  • Customizable ring thickness, color, and charging animations
  • Battery percentage and estimated time remaining displayed
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Free download from the Google Play Store

With the vibrant overlay ring right on your home screen, you can check your phone’s battery level at a quick glance without even unlocking your device. The app aims to make tracking battery life simpler than ever.

Read on to learn more about how Ring Ring APK works, its customization options, and how to download the battery indicator app for your Android device. We’ll also cover some of the downsides to be aware of with Ring Ring APK.

ring ring apk
Ring Ring APK Free Download the Latest Version for Android 8

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User Friendly


Ring Ring apk is a very nice app for monitoring battery life. If we don’t check the battery life, we will get an alert if our battery life is down.


Ring Ring Apk Details

Name :Ring Ring apk
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10 MB

System Requirement:
Android 4.4 and up

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Latest Version

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1 Days Ago

What is Ring Ring APK?

Ring Ring APK is an Android application that serves as a visual battery indicator. It displays a colored ring overlay on your phone’s screen that shrinks in size as your battery level decreases.

The app provides an easy way to see your current battery percentage remaining right from your home screen, without needing to open settings or other apps. The ring is highly visible and updates in real-time as your battery discharges.

Some key details about what Ring Ring APK is:

  • Battery indicator app exclusively for Android devices
  • Free download from the Google Play store
  • Displays floating ring overlay on top of other apps
  • Ring shrinks clockwise or counter-clockwise to indicate battery level
  • Ring color changes based on battery percentage
  • Customizable ring design, size, color, and charging animations
  • Shows estimated battery time remaining

The indicator ring is designed to be simple and intuitive. As your battery drains, the ring becomes smaller and smaller. When charging, the ring will grow and animations play. This provides a cleaner look compared to plain battery percentage icons.

With a quick glance, you can immediately get a sense of your current battery level without needing to interpret a specific percentage. The shrinking and changing ring is a more visual solution.

Ring Ring APK aims to make monitoring your Android battery life easier than ever through its interactive ring overlay. It puts this important info right on your home screen.

Key Features and Benefits of Ring Ring APK

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Ring Ring APK comes packed with useful features that make it such an appealing battery indicator option. Here are some of the core features and benefits users can enjoy:

  • Customizable ring design – The app offers deep customization of the ring overlay. You can pick from a variety of colors, set thickness, direction of shrinkage, animations, and more.
  • Visible at a glance – The ring overlay provides an instant look at battery level right on your home screen without needing to open any apps.
  • Battery stats – See real-time battery percentage remaining and estimated time left before a recharge is needed.
  • Animations and effects – Pick fun animations and sound effects for when you charge your device. Stars, fireworks, and more.
  • Easy to use interface – Simple, clean design makes checking battery painless. Intuitive controls.
  • Free to use – No cost to download and access all features. Avoid annoying ads too.
  • Automatic updates – App updates automatically to fix bugs and add new options.
  • Lightweight app – Small install size that won’t slow down your phone.

With its blend of customization, visibility, battery stats, and ease of use, Ring Ring APK delivers an outstanding battery indicator option. The app makes it effortless to monitor your battery life at a quick glance.

How Does Ring Ring APK Work?

The core functionality of Ring Ring APK revolves around its colored ring overlay. But how does this battery indicator actually work?

Here’s an overview of how the app functions:

  • Ring overlay – The app places a ring overlaid on top of your home screen. This ring is visible but does not block access to your screen.
  • Dynamic sizing – As your battery percentage decreases, the ring shrinks in size. It may shrink clockwise or counter-clockwise based on your settings.
  • Color coding – The ring color dynamically changes depending on your current battery level. For example, green for fully charged, yellow for halfway, red for low.
  • Charging animations – When charging your phone, the ring plays an animation like growing, fireworks or stars. This indicates charging.
  • Battery stats – The app displays your current battery percentage and estimated remaining usage time before needing to charge.
  • Customization – You can customize the ring color, thickness, animations, position, and direction of shrinkage.
  • Notifications – Optional notifications alert you when battery is low or fully recharged.

The floating ring provides a simple, visual way to instantly grasp your current battery level. As an overlay, it is easily visible no matter what app you have open. It aims to provide maximum information with minimal distraction.

The app works smoothly in the background to constantly update the ring in real-time as battery levels change. With customizable colors and animations, you can configure it to suit your personal taste.

Customization Options in Ring Ring APK

One of the standout features of Ring Ring APK is its depth of customization options for the battery indicator ring. You have a great deal of control over the appearance and behavior of the overlay ring.

Some of the key ways you can customize the app include:

  • Ring color – Pick from multiple colors for the ring such as green, yellow, red, blue, purple, and more. You can even match it to your wallpaper.
  • Ring thickness – Make the ring slim and subtle or bold and thick depending on your preference.
  • Direction of shrink – Set the ring to shrink clockwise, counter-clockwise, or bidirectional as battery discharges.
  • Charging animations – Select fun animations like stars, lightning, fireworks, etc. to indicate when charging.
  • Ring position – Move the ring overlay to any corner or side of the screen.
  • Background color – Choose the color behind the ring overlay.
  • Color scheme – Pick which color the ring will turn at certain battery levels.
  • Progress bar – Enable a visual charging progress bar.
  • Notifications – Customize low battery and charged alerts.
  • Size/length – Fine tune the exact size and length of a fully charged ring.

With this degree of customization, you can truly tailor the Ring Ring APK overlay to match your personal preferences and phone’s aesthetics. Take the time to play around with the various options to find a look you love.

Downsides to Be Aware of With Ring Ring APK

While Ring Ring APK offers some cool customization options and an easy glance at your battery level, there are some downsides to be aware of as well.

Some of the potential drawbacks include:

  • Battery drain – The constant overlay and monitoring can drain your battery faster than normal usage. Frequent checks compound this.
  • Visible in screenshots – The ring overlay will show up in any screenshots you take of your screen.
  • Manual updates – The app must be manually updated since it cannot auto update from the Play Store.
  • Simple interface – Some users may desire more detailed battery stats and information.
  • Limited customization on some devices – Full range of customization options not available on every Android model.
  • Could be distracting – Battery indicator always present so could be distracting for some users.

While not dealbreakers for everyone, these are some factors to keep in mind with Ring Ring APK. The battery drain in particular means you may need to charge your phone more frequently with the app installed.

Test out the app yourself to see if the overlay provides helpful battery visibility for you or mostly proves distracting/draining. As with any app, experience can vary across devices.

Top Alternative Battery Indicator Apps

While Ring Ring APK is a top choice, there are a few other battery indicator apps that offer comparable features. Here are some of the best Ring Ring APK alternative options:

AccuBattery – This app offers detailed battery statistics and health monitoring. See which apps drain your battery the most and optimize your charging habits for battery longevity. The simple interface is easy to use.

GSam Battery Monitor – Packed with advanced tracking and customization tools for maximizing your battery life. Automated profiles, app management, and insightful usage graphs.

Battery Notifier – Minimal battery indicator that sticks in the status bar. Very lightweight app with almost zero battery impact itself. No frills.

Battery Widget Reborn – Home screen widget provides complete battery stats including current draw, temps, and voltage. Lots of styles and sizes to pick from.

Green Battery – Features a unique leaf visual indicator that changes color based on battery level. Includes charging forecasts and usage alarms. Clean, ad-free interface.

These alternatives provide more bare bones battery percentage monitoring, detailed performance analytics, or lightweight widget options compared to Ring Ring’s flashy overlay ring. Evaluate your needs to pick the best fit.

Trying out a couple battery apps is recommended to compare and see which visual style and stats resonate with your usage. Ring Ring APK makes a fine starting point!

How to Download and Use Ring Ring APK

Ready to give Ring Ring APK a try for yourself? Here is a step-by-step guide to downloading and using the battery indicator app:


It’s easy to install the app; click on the below download button, and the download starts; it’s 100% safe; you can check its safety on the VirusTotal website before installing it.

Initial Setup

  • Once installed, open Ring Ring APK.
  • Allow the app permissions when prompted.
  • On first launch you’ll get a quick tutorial for usage.
  • Tap through and select “Start” to begin using the app.

Customize the Overlay

  • Go to Settings within the app.
  • Pick your preferred ring color, thickness, position, and other options.
  • Choose animations and enable notifications if desired.
  • Drag the ring overlay to reposition it.


  • Battery ring will now be present on your home screen.
  • Watch it shrink as battery discharges.
  • Charge phone and see it grow and animations play.
  • Glance at ring periodically to check battery level.


  • Set a home screen widget to quickly open Ring Ring APK.
  • Enable battery percentage inside the ring.

Take some time to play around with all the different customizations to tailor Ring Ring APK to your liking. With the ring set up to your preferences, it’s simple to monitor battery at a quick glance!


Ring Ring APK brings a visually appealing battery indicator option to Android devices. With its colorful ring overlay that shrinks in size as your battery depletes, it provides an intuitive at-a-glance look at your current charge level.

Key benefits of using Ring Ring APK include:

  • Visible battery indicator right on your home screen
  • Fun and flashy ring animations when charging
  • Highly customizable ring thickness, color, position, and direction
  • Displays current battery percentage and estimated time remaining

While the app can potentially drain your battery faster and has some other limitations to its simple interface, Ring Ring APK delivers an easy way to monitor your battery life on the go.

Consider downloading Ring Ring APK if you want a bold, highly visible battery indicator that you can customize to match your style. The app aims to simplify checking your phone’s battery level so you can avoid being caught off guard by a dead device.

For other battery indicator options, apps like AccuBattery, GSam Battery Monitor, and Battery Notifier offer great alternatives. But the customizable ring overlay design of Ring Ring APK is one of the most unique battery indicators on Android.

Give Ring Ring APK a try to elevate your battery monitoring!


Is RingRing safe to download?

Yes, RingRing is safe to download from legitimate app stores like Google Play. Be wary of downloading from unknown third-party sites.

Does RingRing drain my phone’s battery?

RingRing can drain your battery faster since it runs continuously to monitor and display battery status. Disable notifications and animations if you want to conserve battery life.

Where can I download the RingRing APK?

The RingRing APK can be downloaded from the developer’s website or trusted APK download sites. Make sure to scan any APK for viruses before installing.

Does RingRing work on iOS devices?

No, RingRing is only available for Android devices. There is no iOS version currently available.

Will RingRing work on my Android version?

RingRing requires Android 5.0 or higher. Check the Play Store listing for your specific device compatibility.

Why does the ring show in my screenshots?

The notification ring displays over other apps, so it will be captured if you take a screenshot on your device.

How do I update the RingRing app?

RingRing requires manual updates since it does not auto-update. Check the developer’s site for new versions and download the latest RingRing APK.

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